Canvas Tube | About Us

Founded and based in Vancouver | Canada, Canvas Tube is a leading marketplace in the art world. Canvas Tube caters to anyone who shares a passion for art— whether you are just starting or already lead a major art collection, we bring simplicity to each step as you discover, share and purchase art.

As an online platform for modern and contemporary art, Canvas Tube revolutionizes how art is discovered, experienced, and collected. Our mission is to help you with the art of collecting so you feel supported as you navigate talented artists from all over the world. Art collecting should be personal and speak to your lifestyle— whether that piece moves you to think more freely, art should be a catered experience. Hence, we source art from across the world to make it accessible to you— no matter where you are or what motivates you. We proudly move galleries closer to their global audience, and we move collectors closer to each other. We move art lovers closer to the art world.

Anyone can engage in art. No matter if you are an artist, amateur, collector, connoisseur, fan or challenger, we believe everyone deserves to be moved.

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