Canvas Tube | Advisory

Canvas Tube Advisory helps our clients build and manage their art collections, and navigate the art world with its complex protocols. The many years of trusted relationships with galleries, auction houses, art dealers and collectors has allowed us to provide exclusive access to a wide spectrum of modern and contemporary artworks. Canvas Tube Advisory offers a customized and discrete service in assisting the sourcing and attaining of art in the primary as well as the secondary market. Let our expertise and our network of galleries and private collectors guide you in building your contemporary art collection.


Canvas Tube Advisory works closely with collectors individually in developing and managing an art collection with an extensive approach. Our team provides collectors with invaluable insight when buying and selling. The Advisory team can identify emerging artists to further enhance the collections of our clients with up-and-coming talent. You will be notified of such promising artists as our advisors strive to discover new talent in the art world.

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